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Recruitment and selection

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Professional Development

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Employee Retention Strategies

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What our clients say about Train2Perform

"Professional transformations are constantly undergoing changes, driven both by the digital revolution and, even more so, by the recent pandemic situation. Thus, HR work is in constant dynamics, and discovering the right talents for the company sometimes becomes a difficult task, especially since IULIUS has a very large mix of departments covering almost all fields of activity.

Before collaborating with Train 2 Perform, the psycho-aptitude abilities of candidates were not sufficiently exploited, but Great Full Spectrum helps us understand from the first stages the profile of the candidate and to make a prediction about how they will integrate into the team because, based on this tool, we have managed to implement some templates for each department.

But we do not stop here and we aim to, in 2022, extend the GR8 test to employees across the country, to be able to initiate further discussions in the intra and interdepartmental relationship. Where teams have interacted with this platform, there is a positive change and a greater desire for understanding, and there is openness from the newcomers to the company as well.

The first results were noted 6 months after implementation, after the reports were analyzed, both by HR and by managers, bringing also a positive impact on communication, evaluation, and the feedback that the manager can give to their colleagues.

At the same time, we enjoy all the support of the Train 2 Perform team, who supported us and continue to do so, in understanding the analysis methods and because they keep us up to date with the latest news from the platform, which can be useful to the company."

Human Resources Team - Iulius Group

With over 20 years of experience in real estate and with a presence in four major cities in the country - Iași, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, and Suceava, IULIUS Group is the largest developer of mixed-use projects in Romania.

"We began our collaboration with Train2Perform in 2017, at the opening of the Preh location in Iași. Being a new office, we wanted to attract the best talents in the automotive field, both in terms of technical training and in terms of the human and professional values of the candidates. We appreciated from the beginning the open communication and professionalism of our partners.

We could rely on Sebastian's expertise and his team in understanding profiles, selecting candidates, and listening to our needs. We know they maintain active communication with all the candidates who have crossed their threshold, and whenever there was a case to revert to certain profiles, the invitations were accepted.

We have recruited together colleagues for various roles and levels of seniority, and we are proud that some of them are still with us today, after 6 years. Moreover, many of them have taken on new responsibilities at the management level or new technical skills over time.

Our collaboration is long-term, and we warmly recommend them for taking on recruitment projects, no matter how challenging and dynamic they may be."

Preh R&D Team

With a global presence, the Preh Group is among the largest suppliers for the automotive manufacturing industry. The development and production competencies of the Preh Group particularly include HMI (Human-Machine Interface) systems for cars and commercial vehicles, solutions for infotainment and connectivity, electric mobility control units, as well as specialized assembly and automation lines.

"In 2023, we marked 7 years of collaboration with Train 2 Perform, a period during which we felt constant support in the processes of recruitment and selection of personnel. Our collaborations have been defined by trust and professionalism, to date targeting 18 types of job descriptions with different degrees of complexity, from positions for technicians repairing electronic equipment to managers.

We appreciate the proactivity of the colleagues from Train 2 Perform, the quick response time, and adaptability to each type of situation. We are considering extending the Concord Service - Train 2 Perform collaboration because we aim to provide a conducive development environment for each employee."

Andrei Oriță - General Manager - Concord Service Center

Concord Service Center is one of the European leaders in the process of repair/rehabilitation/packaging/reuse of equipment/components such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, gadgets.

"The consultancy based on Sebastian's expertise in the area of human experience and HR has helped us in several situations to identify the best solutions in relation to employees or optimizing relations between colleagues.

When decisions regarding the company's personnel needed a professional approach in the field of human resources, the collaboration with Sebastian Arhire intervened. The support provided by him since 2015, as a manager at Train2Perform, has made the difference between common sense and professional approach.

The understanding of the field and empathy with the client make any collaboration a discovery of new opportunities for solving personnel issues in a simple, clear, and efficient manner.

The benevolent attitude and friendship can be part of the collaboration, considering the always smiling and kind approach that accompanies the utmost professionalism in a field that is more than difficult during this period."

Alexandru Zodieru - General Manager - Cult Market Research

Cult Market Research is a company in the field of market and social research, ensuring the delivery of precise and relevant results, tailored to the specific needs of each partner. Established with the purpose of providing tailor-made solutions for partner brands, Cult Market Research stands out for its ability to integrate research tools, training, and consultancy in the preparation of complex reports, thus making a crucial contribution to the business strategies of its clients.


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